Photo Album


Gary Nelson playing the MIDI Horn during the opening ceremonies for the new TIMARA studios in 1989.

John Talbert and Gary Lee Nelson with the prototype of the MIDI Horn in 1987.

Close-up of Gary Lee Nelson playing the MIDI Horn prototype in 1987.

Detail of the MIDI Horn prototype including the comnputer module that translates analog signals from the Horn into MIDI data.

Gary Lee Nelson in the new studios with TIMARA student Ted Hobgood, 1989.

Gary Lee Nelson in the old TIMARA studios with the Alles Digital Synthesizer. This device is a prototype developed at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. It was donated to the TIMARA Department in 1980. Nelson and Talbert did substantial redesign on the instrument and used it to carry out research in real-time digital synthesis until it was superseded by MIDI devices about 1984.

John Moryl, Gary Lee Nelson, Anne Deane and Fred Chance during a rehearsal in 1993.