Electronic Micro Projects by John Talbert
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Other Projects

  • Adafruit's Circuit Playground Express linked to Pure Data on a Raspberry-Pi
  • Sample and Hold Circuit
  • Pulsar Vibrator

Pure Data Phone

Pure Data is a free programming language that is ideal for creating audio synthesizers. This project demonstrates how to connect physical controllers such as sensors, slide pots, and switches to your Pure Data program. An Arduino type microprocessor is used to collect the controller data and send it to the computer running Pure Data over USB serial data lines using a unique data transmission protocol.

Just to make things interesting, the computer running Pure Data is a Raspberry Pi housed in an antique phone, and the Arduino programmed micro is Adafruit's sensor packed Circuit Playground Express attached to the phone's earpiece.


This is a vibrator used to sooth your aching muscles. It is based on an interesting device called an Aural Exciter which is basically a speaker without a cone. The vibrating frequency and amplitude is controlled from a signal generator app on a pad or smart phone. Attach the device to any surface to create a unique type of speaker.

Sample & Hold Circuit

This is my own design for an Electronic Music Sample & Hold and a Noise Generator. It actually made it into "ElectroNotes", for those old enough to know about that Electronic Music DIY publication.